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Welcome to the XRacism Project

The XRacism Project was created to offer an in depth critical examination of racism and effective techniques for dismantling and extinguishing it. Our objective is to define exactly what racism is, it's origins, how it operates, how it is used, how to defend against it, and, ultimately, extinguish it.

Though racism is responsible for more killings, destruction, domination, enslavement, discrimination, prejudice, and other inhumane acts than any other cause, it is one of the least understood and one of the most difficult subjects/issues to discuss. No subject is more inflammatory and controversial. However, racism is real, alive and well. We hope through the XRacism Project ™ to change that.

Hopefully you are here because you have interest in putting an end to racism.
The XRacism Project ™ welcomes the support of everyone committed to Xtinguishing Racism on the personal, local, national and global level.

To participate contact us at: Info@XRacism.com / or call: 443-453-3010

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