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Racism Defined

Racism Defined - by Heru-Ka Anu

Just What is Racism?

Racism results from confrontation engendered by contact of diametrically opposed races - Black and White.

Racism is the conscious and violent action of one race (namely the White race) imposition upon another race (namely the Black Race) for the purpose of exploitation and domination. It is the imposition of its totality - culture, history, beliefs, values, laws, ideas, myths, desires, vision, it's 'whiteness' upon the victimized race while simultaneously denying the victimized race its humanity ("3/5th human", "cursed by god", "inferior being", "bestial, criminal and dirty"). It is the denial of the existence of the victimized race (namely Black race) as human or having human capacity.

White racism is the psycho-cultural behavior realized through conscious (as in theory) and un-conscious attitudes, behaviors and practices facilitated through institutions (government, military, education, religious, social, business, media, and others) as a means to achieve the results of White gain at Black expense.

White racism as a system is flexible and malleable, it is neither static nor fixed, except in its design to achieve and sustain its goal and objectives of White gain, White dominance at Black expense and domination. Though demeaning of its victims it will enlist their support with rewards to further its ends. White racism will relinquish temporary domination in an area where it proves costly, inefficient, or a threat to its existence only to redesign itself to be more capable later. One of its outstanding features is that White racism defines itself as 'non-existent'; in this way if, in the mind its victim, that it does not exist then there can be no claim of racism; and yet the arrangement that exist between the races is thus defined as a 'natural occurrence' - however one that should be respected and maintained.

White racism is pathological as it adheres to 'no rules' of law, morality, ethics, facts, evidence, beliefs, agreements, or any boundary that would encumber its goal and objectives. "A Black has no rights that a White person if bound to respect" uttered by a White person speaking for all White people. It matters not what is put in place to acknowledge the rights of Black people, if they cannot be defended and enforced by Black people they will not be respected by White people. In its pathology, for example, White racism has usurped the identity of African people in the area of ancient history - Kemet and Sumer to name two; yet all evidence and facts exposing the pathology had not abated the continued claim and practice of the racist in this area.

White Racism is parasitic, it that it feeds upon the production (labor [slave labor, low wages, wage disparity], cultural product [music, dress, fashion, culinary art, history, art] and intellectual product [e.g. George Washington Carver] of its victimized host, while denying the source, usurps the product, and denies the victim control, or in some instances, access to its own product.

White racism is predatory as it seeks people as resource and their wealth to exploit. As mentioned earlier once African societies were identified as sources of wealth Aryans began to invade and pillage them. This became a conscious act whereby they proclaimed their 'right' and 'privilege' to do so and began to go in search of societies to raid; this lead Christopher Columbus on the search for the 'New World', to raid and exploit, on behalf of Portugal and Spain; the invasion of Kemet by Napoleon for France; it resulted in the spying of Livingston and Stanley in Africa and of Lewis and Clark in America in preparation for the subsequent invasions by England. This practice engendered the infamous Berlin Conference whereby Aryan-European nations gathered to partition Africa and to lay ground rules to minimize fighting each other over the potential prey (Africans) and their resources.

White racism does not have the capacity to end itself!

White Racism is camouflaged and justified for white people in the terms and concepts of adventure, exploration, discovery, manifest destiny, conquer, 'survival of the fittest', "superior versus inferior", "civilization versus barbarism", "enlightenment versus ignorance", "savior versus savage", "god given right and responsibility" and there others, many of them.

Because it is psycho-cultural White people (as individuals) are able to act on it with out being conscious (as in planned and fully understanding) of their behavior. Because White Racism is institutionalized it provides the White offender with deniability ("I was just doing my job") and anonymity ("It's the company not me").

White racism is the 'total domination' of its victim in all categories of their existence - economic, social, cultural, political, psychological, religious, legal, entertainment, education, military, history (the past), and vision (possibility). Its objective is that, for the African, every area of thought, knowledge and possibility is limited to an existence within the context of 'Whiteness' - i.e. the African must see itself within the bounds of White domination; anything outside of this is perceived and targeted as a threat to 'White domination'.

White racism perceives itself as legitimate, and permanent.

Contrary to popular belief racism was not engendered to justify slavery, instead it was engendered to justify the Aryan way of being in relationship to other people - any other people.

White Racism and its makings have a history going back 4,000 years (an possibly before) to the areas of Asia Minor (Mesopotamia), and Asia. (See the Bibliography)

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