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Scheduled Events

Tele-Conference Dialogue to Neutralize and Extinguish Racism

Join Cultural Therapist, Heru-Ka Anu, Director of the XRacism Project for our Monthly Teleconference Dialogue to Neutralize and Extinguish Racism the First Friday of each month, beginning at 9:00 P.M. (EST).

Discussion topics are open - they range from what the XRacism Project and XRacism Project Leaders are doing, to defining racism, from strategies to end racism, to what you are doing and your interest, and other related topics. You do not have to participate in the discussion to join us, you are welcomed to just listen should you choose to.

The Tele-Conference Dialogue to Neutralize and Extinguish Racism takes place at 9:00 P.M. (EST)on the following First Friday dates:

April 5, 2010
May 3, 2010
June 7, 2010
July 5, 2010
August 2, 2010
September 6, 2010
October 4, 2010
November 1, 2010
December 6, 2010

Particpation is free; however, pre-registration is required.

To register send us an Email with your name and a brief statement of your interest in neutralizing and extinguishing racism; also include questions you might have.

Send your Email to: Info@XRacism.com

Xtinguishing Racism - Lecture

Date: TBA

Heru-Ka Anu takes the audience on a survey of racism from in origins and development, its transformation into an ideological movement, through its humanly devastating globalization, its continuing impact and threat to humanity. He addresses the crippling impact of racism on individuals and groups. De-constructing racism Anu unravels its impetus, exposes its mythology and its participation and role in its mis-diagnosis. Anu demonstrates techniques and actions we can take to extinguish racism from our lives.

Join us for a dynamic presentation by Heru-Ka Anu on the history - origins and development of racism - the globalization of racism resulting in destroyed, destabilized, enslaved and exploited societies around the world. Anu will address the myths of racism, its transformation to an ideological movement, a chronology of the devastation of racism

Date: TBA
Pre-Registration Required.
Send an Email to: Info@XRacism.com if you would like to be notified of the next presentation.

To Register for the Lecture or Forum Send your Email Request to: Info@XRacism.com

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