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The XRacism Initiative

The XRacism Project advocates for an aggressive stance and action to extinguish racism. Racism is the number one killer and debilitator of people of color and will not end due to natural causes. It is imperative that those of us who want to see an end to it take the appropriate steps to ensure that it does come to an end.

The XRacism Initiative advocates taking direct action against the perpetrators of racism, as well as taking a vigorous approach to educate, enroll and enable 'traditional' victims of racism and their allies to be involved in the process of ending racism.

Some of our objectives are to:

Some XRacism Project ™ Sponsored Initiatives are listed below:

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The XRacism Dialogue ™

The XRacism Dialogue ™ - In the group setting participants distinguish the impact of racism in their lives; also participants discover empowering tools and actions they can use to neutralize and eliminate racism. The XRacism Dialogue ™ is transformative - it facilitates 'would-be' victims of racism to shift and change their relationship to racism.

An outcome is empowered individuals and groups capable of managing racism with tools of strength, and capable of neutralizing racism in their presence.

Format: Group Setting
Duration: 2-days / 8-hours + lunch (8:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M.)
Cost: TBA per participant
See the Baltimore Event: Click Here

The XRacism Workshop ™

awareness, prevention, and resolution

The XRacism Workshop ™ builds on The XRacism Dialogue by including 'proactive action steps' towards neutralizing and extinguishing racism. The XRacism Workshop ™ not only transforms the individual, it also empowers the individual to transform families and communities from victims to empowered activist against racism.

Among other outcomes participants:

Format: Group Setting
Duration: 3-days / 8-hours + lunch (8:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M.)
Cost: TBA per participant

XRacism Consulting ™

XRacism Consulting ™ (Crisis Prevention and Resolution): "The best medicine is prevention." - this adage could not be truer. The best approach to extinguishing racism is in preventing its occurrence. XRacism Consulting ™ provides companies and groups with tools and strategies for creating and maintaining healthy 'racism-free' environments.

An outcome is empowered individuals and groups performing in healthy environments.

Format: Onsite Consulting and Tele-Conferencing
Duration: TBD
Cost: Hourly

XRacism Mediation ™

XRacism Mediation (Conflict Resolution) facilitates conflicts resolutions arising from, real or alleged, racism. Our methods address core issues to achieve healthy outcomes. XRacism Mediation is available to individuals and groups.

Format: Onsite Consulting and Tele-Conferencing
Duration: TBD
Cost: Hourly

The XRacism Project ™
educates the educator and activist.

No matter our commitment to ending racism few of us have an understanding precisely of what racism is and how it works. Often times off-shoots or racism - prejudice, discrimination - are mistaken for racism per se. Through our courses we demonstrate that racism is much broader.

Because we cannot reach every individual we have taken as a goal to educate educators, activist, and anyone who makes it known that they would like us to provide such information for them.

Presently our curriculum consist of four topic areas, each of which can be presented as a class, workshop, or lecture. Additionally all of these topic areas are covered during our day-long seminar on Xtinguishing Racism.

To host a Forum, Workshop, Class, Lecture, or for other services,
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