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Survey of Racism: Definition and History

Definition: Racism is the act of one race through violence (or the threat of violence) imposing its totality - culture, history, philosophy, politics, values (its being) - upon another race (to dominate, exploit etc), while denying the victimized race its humanity (e.g. defining and treating the dominated race as subhuman, non-human, as less).

By definition:

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A brief chronology of Racism:
2000 BC - Whites (Aryans) invade lands occupied by Blacks (African) - China, Pacific Islands, India, Asia Minor, Asia.

1500 BCE - Whites overrun and conquer some Black homelands - Assar, Babylon, Dravidia,

1500 BCE - 750 BCE - Whites, growing in number and power, invade and conquer numerous Black homelands

725 BCE - First White invading army wins a major battle on African soil in Kemet (Egypt). They were eventually defeated and run out of African and Asia Minor.

525 BCE - Second major victory of Whites, (with some Black Support), on African Soil - in Kemet.

332 BCE - Greeks invade Africa - enslaving some of the inhabitants

50 BCE - Romans invade Africa - enslaving some of the inhabitants.

700 AD - Arabs invade Africa - beginning an escalation in the enslavement of African people.

The Arabs enslave African in-masse taking them to labor on plantations in Asia Minor.

1500 AD - Europeans begin invading in-masse to conquer and exploit Africans

1600 AD - Europeans begin the Atlantic Slave Trade, eventually killing and enslaving more than

100-million African - men, women and children.

1600 AD - 1850 AD - Whites articulate philosophies of race supremacy and justification of invading, pillaging, enslaving, dominating and exploiting, non-white peoples, particularly Black people.

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